LANCE, SHELLEY, WES AND TJ BROWN WELCOME YOU TO LB FARMS ANGUS and the Beautiful Bitterroot Valley - Our family is lucky enough to have lived here for 5 and 6 generations respectively and still farm and ranch on some of both of our Grandfather's property!


WE RAISE REGISTERED ANGUS cattle the same way we used to raise our commercial cattle, but expect more from them with the same inputs!


OUR CATTLE RUN IN A VARIETY of different range conditions - our pairs with bull calves head up to the mountains (4,500 - 6,500 ft.) on the eastside of our beautiful valley each summer to spend 3 or 4 months in the dryland, timber area - we feel this puts nice hard fat on the bull calves and teaches them to travel, and is a great test for feet and leg problems, so when our customers buy them they will know how to get out and get the job done. 


OUR PAIRS WITH HEIFER CALVES and our replacement heifer usually spend the summer out on irrigated pastures down on our high benches, at about 4,000 ft. Without a lot of pampering as we are putting up hay and grain all summer once the cows are turned out!


THE CATTLE WE RAISE NEED TO MEET a set of strict standards - we don’t believe just 1, 2 or even 3 traits make cattle successful! It all starts with our girls - the cows have to come to us as a complete package of a correct udder conformation, correct on feet and legs, fertile, with the data to back up the feminine, easy fleshing look we strive for. These cows can bring some great bull calves in out of the hills in the fall! 


WE TRY TO BE STRICT ALSO WITH THE BULLS we keep to put in our sale each spring - these bulls have to weigh up in the fall, with a reasonable birth weight to back that up, come to us in a powerful package, pass the feed conversion and fertility testing set up at the Sutherlin feedlot were they are wintered, before they go into our Bulls of the Bitterroot sale! We are not afraid to get the bander out at any point! 


WE HOPE YOU ENJOY looking through our 2015 sale bulls and feel free to give us a call anytime!


Shelly Cell Phone:
(406) 240-4879
Lance Cell Phone:
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3C Cattle
Chad, Lacey & Cayden Sutherlin

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Genetic Connection
Loren & Dorthy Brubaker

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